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    New WorldChat Version 2023

    New version is online from today!
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    New WorldChat Version 2023

    Hello, after a few years the structure has changed again, since 2011 this is the fourth time that the Chat has changed to adapt to the new network standards, unfortunately the current software has become obsolete and rather than patching up the flaws it is better to switch to new technologies...
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    TikTok Feature broken

    Someone same problem?
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    Outrageous abuse of power by the current staff

    Meanwhile, I ask you not to use vulgar language. it is your right to report if you believe that the MODs are abusing their power but as I understand you have repeatedly spammed some videos for a long time and this is not good for the system.
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    The new Homepage is Back to old Homepage
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    Report problem on forum

    All is on your profile page.
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    Quiz Room Down

    Fixed ;)
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    Yes, Ok

    Yes, Ok
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    The new Homepage

    As you all have noticed, the address is no longer the main homepage of the Classic Text Chat, now from the new homepage it is possible to decide whether to use the Coomeet affiliation service or by clicking on CHAT ROOMS to use our historical Chat. The decision was made for the sole...
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    Earn points here.
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    This site is stucky on laptop,when i scroll my chat,or main chat ,its white strip come

    Hi, this is not a Chat bug, maybe a Browser problem.
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    The WorldChat Forum Community

    Welcome, this Forum is the Community belonging to the Chat Here you can receive assistance regarding the Chat or interact with all users in any other way like any other Social network. The scores received here will allow you to receive the VIP Badge on the Chat. We remind you that...
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    Welcome to all

    Hi, this is the first thread on Forum, I hope we can build a great Community here.

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